Wednesday, July 16, 2014

SJLC Settles Federal Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Smithsonian Institution and Pulseworks, LLC

New Comprehensive Disability Policies Adopted


Washington, D.C. - Max and Jake Gold, along with SJLC attorneys Shawn Heller and Joshua Glickman, dismissed their federal discrimination lawsuit today in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia, pursuant to settlement agreements with the Smithsonian Institution and Pulseworks, LLC.  Max will return to the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum in August and will now be able to take advantage of the museum’s flight simulators, which Max was denied access to in 2012 as a result of his disability. 

The settlement reached by the parties represents substantial progress, helping to ensure that individuals with disabilities will not only have access to all the programs and services at the Air & Space Museum -- the most visited museum in the world – but will be treated with dignity and respect.  The Smithsonian has agreed to provide increased oversight of Pulseworks, which operates the museum’s simulators, and Pulseworks, with the assistance of Max and Jake, has developed and adopted new, comprehensive disability policies and training materials.  

Max suffers from a rare vascular anomaly birth defect that caused his right leg to be amputated as a child, and has left him dependent on a wheelchair.  Max is a self-described “aeronautical fanatic,” and is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Aviation Security Systems from the State University of New York at Farmingdale.  

Max and Jake are very excited about the positive changes, and are looking forward to enjoying the simulator rides just as other visitors to the Smithsonian’s museums are able to do.  “It will be a very special experience for Max,” said Jake when discussing Max’s upcoming return trip to the Air & Space Museum. “We are very encouraged by the improvements made by the Smithsonian and Pulseworks, and are so happy that individuals with disabilities will get to enjoy the simulator rides, and will be treated with respect and dignity,” added Max, “This is why we brought this lawsuit!”  

For further information please contact SJLC attorneys Shawn Heller or Joshua Glickman at 202-709-5744 or  

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